Understanding Backgammon 101

Backgammon is a board game that is gaining ground in terms of popularity. It can be played offline in the casinos of Las Vegas or Atlantic City as well as online in various websites such as MSN and play65.com. In fact, Internet Backgammon is a bundled program in Microsoft Windows OS.

To date, backgammon is considered as the oldest game in history. Its roots can be traced back to ancient Mesopotamia 5000 years ago. Backgammon is used in research and development for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning in order to simplify the rules of the game as well as its complicated strategies.

If you are a newcomer, learning the game can be very simple. Backgammon is played by two players, each having their own home and outer board and fifteen checkers all in all. The backgammon board is similar to chess and checkers, only it has 24 points. Each player will aim to become the first player to bear off their pieces. Whoever does so will be declared the winner.

Depending on the color of your pieces, you can only move the checkers in one direction. The white piece moves clockwise while the black ones move counterclockwise. In order to determine the sequence, both players spin the dice. The one with the highest number gets the first turn.

In addition, you cannot move your piece on a point that is occupied by your opponent's pieces. The only exception is when only one checker of your opponent occupies the point. In this case, you can remove that checker and make your own checkers occupy that point. The best way to master the rules of backgammon is to log on to a site and play with a computer.

Backgammon involves tricking and blocking. A good early game tactic that you can use is to sacrifice one of your checkers so that they will think that you do not know anything about the game. With this strategy, you are hoping that your opponent would have more checkers in their home board. At the latter part of the game, things will be a little bit harder for your opponent.

Another winning strategy used in backgammon is blocking. This is an easier strategy because it will be harder for your opponent to get away from your home board. The ideal spots for blocking your opponent are point 4 and 7. Visualize the move in your mind first before putting it into actual play. By doing so, you will be able to determine any flaw when you use the strategy.

So get into the game and see for yourself why backgammon has become one of the more popular casino games.