1. A Hit and Run Case: The Golden Point
    In backgammon, your golden point is your opponent's five-point and the same goes the other way around. When both of you made each of your golden points, hold on to yours before it's time to give up that advanced anchor. When that time comes, it's going to be a hit and run for the finish.
  2. Backgammon 101: The Animals
    Backgammon animals have a lot to do with the doubling action in backgammon. Using backgammon animals doubles and redoubles the stakes in money play and in tournaments. Be careful when you encounter these backgammon animals.
  3. Backgammon Cue: The Could Haves of Taking a Shot
    When we play backgammon online, the fact that our opponent may surprise us any time affords us to use our instincts in guiding our decisions. That's why we hardly make checker plays just because we could make them. See how gut feelings about being unlucky at a particular time allows us to make simple decisions about one of the many important moves in the game which is taking a shot against an opposing blot when we can.
  4. Backgammon Guide for Beginners
    The backgammon board has 24 points in a form of elongated triangles in which a players checkers move about. The goal of this game is to bring your checkers into your inner board and to remove them from there.
  5. Backgammon Tips to Become a Better Player
    Every serious backgammon player will want to become better. In order to do this we need to pick up some tips and pointers from seasoned backgammon players. There's only so much we can do on our own, but with the time-tested tips we get from veteran players we become better backgammon players.
  6. Backgammon Variant: Hyper-Backgammon
    A backgammon variant which is fast-paced and exciting is hyper-backgammon. What sets it apart is that only three checkers are used and the doubling cube is only applied in accordance with the Jacoby rule. See how the minimal board setup positions the game pieces on specific points as well how it directly affects checker plays that would test a player's acuity in playing the game.
  7. Basic Backgammon Strategies
    There are basic strategies to learn and practice in backgammon. They are necessary in building a foundation from which to build further skills.
  8. Basic Start-Up Implements of a Backgammon Game
    A backgammon game is fun and challenging in devising strategies for conquest. There are requirements before a backgammon game can be enjoyed. Backgammon game implements are easy to acquire and use.
  9. How to Position Your Backgammon Checkers
    We don't always win backgammon games via a race. If you position your backgammon checkers on strategic locations on the board you better your chances of winning. Slotting strategic points, a flexible position, and playing aggresively are only a few things you can do to position your backgammon checkers
  10. Information on Backgammon Free Ware
    Backgammon free ware offers backgammon enthusiasts better opportunities of playing the game because it is free from any kind of user charges. This channel would surely help promote the game all over the world.
  11. Understanding Backgammon 101
    Blocking is a common strategy used in backgammon. The aim of this technique is to give your opponent a hard time getting out of your home board.
  12. What to Do When You Have to Leave a Blot
    There are times when circumstances force your hand to leave a blot on the backgammon board. Never fear, there are some precautions you can do to reduce the risk of getting your blot hit. Knowing what to do when you have to leave a blot open on the backgammon board helps you move along safely through the game.
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