How to Position Your Backgammon Checkers

The initial idea to winning behind backgammon is to be the first player to bring your checkers to the home board and bear them all off. That puts in the idea of a race in a game of backgammon. There are games during backgammon matches that do turn into a race and there are games that don't. The fact is that most games don't always turn into a backgammon race.

There are other ways to win a game of backgammon other than to turn the game into a pure race. One way, and quite frankly is more effective, is to position your backgammon checkers and control important positions on the board. You should also include taking measures to effectively control different strategic points on the backgammon board.

Backgammon is a pretty fast-paced game where players are at times required to make quick moves and fast decisions. The position of your checkers is quite critical in backgammon.

An advanced anchor is an important position that can open a lot of opportunities for you. It can make crossing over to your opponent's home board more difficult for enemy checkers. If you are able to establish this position you can also make really challenging moves for your opponent.

Another way to make sure you can position your backgammon checkers easily on the board is to keep a flexible position. This will ensure that you can still execute your backgammon strategy even if you make a bad roll.

A really fast way to position your backgammon checkers is to slot points or to bring down builders. When you slot points you hope to cover that blot on your next turn. It's a great backgammon move if your opponent is unable to hit your blot.

You will want to position your checkers and take control of the five-points on both sides of the backgammon board. You may slot your five-point to control this very important position. If an enemy checker slots the five-point on the opponent side of the backgammon board be sure to hit that checker and hit back if your checker gets hit.

Another important position to control on the backgammon board is to make advanced anchors. Make sure to make the three-point, four-point, and five-point on your opponent's side of the backgammon board

If ever you do try for any position mentioned here, remember to play aggressively. Be willing to take chances and even to let your checkers get hit if it will give you a chance to make a better position than your opponent. If you position your backgammon checkers correctly on the board winning doesn't necessarily have to be out of a pure race.