Basic Start-Up Implements of a Backgammon Game

A backgammon game is exciting and demanding. It's a game of strategies and conquest. There are several things we need to enjoy an exciting game of backgammon. Here are the basic requirements for a backgammon game to be played.

First, we need at least 2 players. Four players may form 2 opposing teams in the game. But we cannot have more than 2 players or teams playing against one another in a backgammon game. The main idea of the game is to be the first to bring one's men or soldiers (the checker pieces) to one's home board. There are only two home boards - thus, only two opposing sides.

Then, the players need a backgammon game board. Boards for this game often serve as an attraction. There are boards that also serve as tables. Boards are available in different materials and sizes. There are reasonably priced boards, portable boards suitable for traveling, and some are costly boards well crafted with a professional look. There are boards that can also serve as a chess or Chinese checker board.

There are also backgammon game boards that fold in half and are equipped with dice and checker chips holders, drinking cup holders, and a checker bar in the middle. Backgammon game dice pieces are two pairs of 6 faces each. Each player has a dice set. In tournament backgammon a precision dice set is favored. These dice pieces are accurately weighed and balanced for even roll results and may be used for both tournaments and casual backgammon games.

A backgammon game also needs 2 dice cups, one for each participant, to shake the dice in before releasing them on the board for roll results. In lieu of dice cups is a baffle box. This is a slide implement where the dice pieces are rolled from the top of the box down an inclined plane, or the slide, and then on the board. Dice cups and baffle boxes are measures in a backgammon game to guard against dice manipulation.

There is also the doubling cube in a backgammon game which is a big 6-faced die reflecting the numbers 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, and 64 on the 6 sides. The doubling cube is used to know how many points or units are left in the game still available for use. It adds excitement to a backgammon game.

Once we have all the above implements prepared we're ready to enjoy an adventurous and unique session of a backgammon game.