Backgammon Tips to Become a Better Player

Everyone who is serious about backgammon will want to become a better player. The common course of action is to read books about the game, play more games (perhaps even against a computer program), and join a backgammon club. We do our best to improve in the game in the best way we think possible. What we have below are a few practical tips to help you become a better backgammon player. These tips are proven to be very helpful even by veteran backgammon players.

Tip number one - play often. Never let a day pass without playing at least one game of backgammon. It is true that only a few who can really devote a huge chunk of time to playing backgammon. It is not the amount of time you practice that will count in the long run but it will be the amount of quality practice you make. One game where you gave it your all is worth a hundred games where you played casually without focusing on the game.

Tip number two - record your games. You should learn backgammon notation because it is impossible to memorize every single game you play. You must record the difficult games you played so you can look back and see other options you didn't find at the time. A great way to practice and record difficult games is on a computer where you can review and analyze games you've played.

Tip number three - learn from your mistakes. Don't worry about losing in backgammon. Realize that you can't win every backgammon match you play. The proactive move for a backgammon player in this situation is to go back to the games you lost and learn from the mistakes you made. You become a better backgammon player by learning from your own mistakes.

Tip number four - read backgammon books and learn from the best. You should look for recorded matches of the backgammon greats. If you are going to learn tips and tweaks in this game you should learn it from backgammon masters.

Tip number five - stay fit to keep mentally fit. You should be mentally fit in order to succeed in backgammon. Learn to cope with stress so you can have a clear head every time you play. You should stick with a good diet and remain physically fit.

Tip number six - enter backgammon tournaments. There are many backgammon tournaments live and online. You will surely face players of different levels of skill. The pressure in the competition will keep you gain an edge and will help you learn to stay focused. You gain a lot of mental discipline and concentrate longer if you do.